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OUR HISTORY - how we got here...

LifeNow Church started in November 2008 with a core of believers meeting together on Wednesday evenings to fellowship, share the journey, learn about the Christian life and love Jesus. Through our study, prayer and service time, it became clear that God was leading us to begin a church.  On Sunday, June 7, 2009, we met together to worship and declare our call to become a church.  We were sure, though, that there are many wonderful churches in our city and if we were just going to copy one of them, there would be no real purpose for us. 

Through our study and prayer, God called us to be different. For the next several months, we made in depth studies regarding what we believed and how it lined up with what God wanted of us.  We came to some fascinating conclusions.  We are committed to being a fluid church, not obligated to big mortgages, leases and other bills so that we can use our resources to meet needs as God brings them to us.  We are committed to being the hands, feet and mouth of Christ in our local neighborhoods, assuming that each person or family we meet is one to whom God would have us minister. 

We are diligently seeking opportunity to meet needs as we become aware of them.  It could be a neighbor, co-worker, extended family member, friend of the family, or just someone we heard about through casual conversation.  A family out of work, someone experiencing medical crisis, loss or grief, a single parent or a teen who feels disconnected, a child who feels abandoned, a family struggling with the after effects of divorce. 

We love all people without judgment, just as Jesus loves us and offers us a relationship with Him.  We believe as we share Christ with people, they will naturally want to have His love in their hearts.   We believe as people accept the love and forgiveness Jesus offers them they will fall in love with Him.  The desire to learn more about Him will be a natural result of this love and will grow into an ever reaching, ever extending relationship with Him and with others who love Him. 

This is the Church - how it functions, grows, divides and reproduces. It's love in action.  It's help, right now.  It's redemption, restoration, forgiveness and peace.  It's an ongoing relationship - real and authentic. It Is LifeNow!

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